Middle School

Middle School: The Middle School years (6th through 8th grade) are a fundamental period in students’ lives as they prepare for their high school careers. FLI’s focus on both the educational and social/emotional needs of our students guides their development into young adulthood.  Students are exposed to rigorous, Common Core-aligned curriculum providing them with the tools needed for success in high school and beyond.

Double blocks of English Language Arts (ELA) and math are taught daily to ensure deeper learning. Instruction in science and humanities is provided daily. The Middle School also provides opportunities to run for Student Council, which allows students to serve their school community and develop valuable leadership skills.

FLI is committed to enrolling our 8th graders in top quality high schools. Workshops are routinely conducted to assist families and students with the high school placement process. Our full-time High School Placement Director supports students and families in all steps of the high school selection process which includes application submission, portfolio assembly, acceptance and financial aid solutions. 100% of FLI students are accepted into top performing high schools with a graduation rate of at least 75%.