Exhibition Day


FLI’s annual Exhibition Day is a unique opportunity for teachers and students to share a visual and verbal presentation of their current classroom activities with fellow students, parents and teachers. Students work with their classmates to create a project display that expresses their personal learning experience in relation to the current curriculum. This experience strengthens students’ communication skills and confidence as they prepare for a live presentation.

Visitors are encouraged to interact with student presenters and provide feedback on their exhibits. Below are just a few of the many comments received from families and friends about previous Exhibition Days:

“I believe that all of the students at FLI have the potential to take it to the next level and literally FLI is proving it.”

“This made me feel great in learning that the students are very enthusiastic about learning. I wish I was in school again!”

“I think Exhibition Day is a great way to celebrate our kids and their work.”

“All the exhibits were fantastic, well thought out and thought provoking.”

“I am grateful to all the educators in this program. – Thank you!!!!”

“Wonderful, Amazing, love it. Please do it again.”