Future Leaders Institute Charter School (FLI) is a kindergarten through 8th grade school founded by a group of individuals who collectively believe that all students, regardless of their socio-economic status, should be provided with a challenging academic program that prepares them for a successful future.

FLI recognizes that this type of preparation is not limited to the classroom, but also cultivated through extracurricular activities. By encouraging self-affirming competition, discovering new interests, and developing talents, extracurricular activities enhance the educational experience. Participation in activities allows students to explore other interests while boosting confidence and providing opportunities for positive incentive. FLI students are offered a variety of activities, all of which serve as a source of motivation for success. Some activities, like Exhibition Day, are events that include all students and celebrate their work in school. Others, like FLI’s competitive athletic teams, are optional, based on students’ interests.

FLI’s Core Value Awards are also an important part of the activity program and symbolic of our school’s culture. These awards are presented to students who demonstrate FLI’s core values in their own behavior and choices. The awards are tied to the Community Circle workshop which focuses on core values once a month. Each month, one specific value is honored through projects and presentations.