FLI Culture


The first and foremost goal of Future Leaders Institute is to provide an exemplary education and learning environment for students. The culture of FLI supplements this through strategies for positive reinforcement and recognition.

Core Values
The core values of FLI are: Compassion, Leadership, Truth, Effort, Responsibility and Respect. Each month FLI celebrates one of these core values through student projects plus staff and guest presentations. Students who demonstrate FLI’s core values are awarded recognition certificates.

Community Circle
FLI has a school-wide gathering every other Monday to focus on our core values and community learning themes.

Achievement Recognition
FLI recognizes the importance of spotlighting the accomplishments and achievements of the students. Bulletin boards located in the lobby and near the main office are used to highlight school-wide initiatives and celebrations and acknowledge the previous month’s core value certificate recipients.

School Spirit
While school spirit is always a priority, one week each semester is dedicated to honoring FLI pride. During school spirit week, students and staff celebrate the unity of our FLI community and dress in certain apparel themes. Students also participate in school-wide activities to promote teamwork, community, FLI core values and school pride.

Accountability / Support
FLI recently adopted the Charlotte Danielson model for assessing effective practice. FLI places significant importance on staff-wide transparency in expectations, consistency in discipline, daily reflection and open communication. Workshops, conversations, trainings, meetings and mentoring occur throughout the year to meet these goals. Every member of the staff plays a crucial role in reinforcing our positive, strong, engaging and exciting school culture.